//Our Symposium Programme has finished for 2023 year and we’re working on some juicy content for 2024-25!

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Symposium is a series of rich live learning experiences for school leaders who value alternative and refreshing perspectives.

For 2023, Making Stuff Better presents The Belonging Series – A series of facilitated conversations exploring belonging through three lenses: Belonging to Self, Belonging in Teams and Belonging in Systems.

What is Symposium?

  • Monthly Workshops with the MSB Faculty

    Learn with our world-class faculty of cross-sector experts who share their insights each month in an immersive workshop. Continue conversations with the contributors who inspire you, beyond their event.

  • Conversations with…

    Leading-edge thinkers from outside the world of education will encourage you to think above and beyond what you think you know.

  • MSB Annual Gathering

    An annual gathering for all Symposium members. An opportunity for you to celebrate your learning, go deeper and meet your colleagues face to face.

  • Symposium Network

    Request support and challenge in our private network of global leaders. Experience the rewards of leaning in and serving others.

Symposium events are for you if...

  • You’re seeking more than the usual online training monotony and are comfortable embracing the unknown.
  • You value genuine interactions with diverse thinkers, are driven by curiosity about their potential, and recognize the importance of joy and vitality in leadership.
  • You’re looking to amplify your presence, ignite your creativity, understand your core purpose, and envision transformative changes for a better world.

In Symposium, your collective learning is brought together under three simple themes:


By befriending your inner world and expanding your self-awareness, you choose to be centred in your most resourceful self, even under pressure.


Be inspired to think differently and challenge the assumptions and beliefs that have served you until now.


Take skilful action from the foundations of your most resourceful self and best thinking.