Symposium is a series of rich live learning experiences for school leaders who value alternative and refreshing perspectives.

We bring world-class speakers to your laptop every month to create highly engaging and thought-provoking interactions. We invite you to continue your learning and reflections in our network with the speakers and each other.

Wild Leadership and Outdoor Intelligence

With Fi MacMillan
Through guiding leaders to cultivate connection to nature, the primary system we all belong to, Fi has witnessed them find a deeper sense of stillness, presence, wisdom and creativity.

In Symposium, your collective learning is brought together under three simple themes:


By befriending your inner world and expanding your self-awareness, you choose to be centred in your most resourceful self, even under pressure.


Be inspired to think differently and challenge the assumptions and beliefs that have served you until now.


Take skilful action from the foundations of your most resourceful self and best thinking.

Who's it for?

Symposium is for you if:

  • You're bored with plodding your way through online trainings and you're looking for something different

  • You are comfortable not knowing the answers

  • You welcome authentic connection with diverse thinkers who will stretch you

  • You are curious about possibilities for expanding your being, thinking and doing

  • You know that commitment to your own joy and aliveness is part of being a leader the world needs

  • You want to deepen your presence

  • You like to have fun

  • You want to access more of your creativity

  • You are curious about your core purpose and putting it to work

  • You see opportunities for change that will make the world better

What's included?

  • Monthly Workshops with the MSB Faculty

    Learn with our world-class faculty of cross-sector experts who share their insights each month in an immersive workshop. Continue conversations with the contributors who inspire you, beyond their event.

  • Conversations with…

    Leading-edge thinkers from outside the world of education will encourage you to think above and beyond what you think you know.

  • MSB Annual Gathering

    An annual gathering for all Symposium members. An opportunity for you to celebrate your learning, go deeper and meet your colleagues face to face.

  • Symposium Network

    Request support and challenge in our private network of global leaders. Experience the rewards of leaning in and serving others.

Don't miss our upcoming events

Faculty Workshop

Wild Leadership and Outdoor Intelligence

With Fi MacMillan

Why Fi?

Fi has developed a theory of ‘outdoor intelligence’ and how it serves leaders to spend time outdoors. Through guiding people to cultivate connection to the primary system we all belong to, she has witnessed them find a deeper sense of stillness, presence and wisdom.

What will you learn?

You will experience a deeper connection to and between the natural world and your inner world.

What difference will this make for you?

You will touch on the possibility of creating more space for your thinking, dreaming, processing and planning.

Coming up in Symposium

A neglected area of school leadership, Nic will guide us through global technology trends that you need to be aware of. She will explore the opportunities and pitfalls presented by edtech.
With Charmaine, we will explore what it means to decolonise leadership in the context of international education.
Poetry distils the essence of complexity in a way that cuts through the noise of confusion. To read and write poetry creates welcome companionship and connection in times of upheaval.

The Cost

We have worked hard to curate the highest quality speakers whilst bringing you the most value.

MSB Symposium is just £85 per month, but you can save £35 by paying annually! We ask that you commit to Symposium for a year, but we won’t force you. You can cancel at any time.

We will do everything to ensure you are getting the best value possible from your Symposium experience. But if you’re not happy we offer a full money back guarantee, no questions asked.

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