Zakaria Sherbiny

Leadership Coach

Trained by multiple Ivy League schools of education, Zakaria is a master of human development who believes that every school leader deserves an executive coach to help them fulfill their leadership potential. A former early childhood teacher and school leader, Zakaria has that rare gift of being able to see beyond the surface and get to the heart of what makes people tick.

What sets Zakaria apart is his ability to make you feel seen and heard. His humble yet confident approach to coaching allows him to connect with clients on a personal level, building trust and understanding to pave the way for growth and sustainable change. Zakaria knows how to ask the right questions, listen actively, and inspire actionable insight tailored to the moment.

Zakaria lives in Arlington, VA with his partner and their two dogs. An avid horticulturist with over 75 plants at home, he loves cultivating plant confidence in others and gifting home-grown plants to friends. A former college a capella singer at the University of Virginia, Zakaria once tried out for American Idol (spoiler alert: he didn’t win) and also appeared on the nationally-televised game show Let’s Ask America.

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