Krista Elledge

Leadership Coach

Krista is driven to facilitate personal growth in others so that they can flourish in all aspects of life and leadership. As a headteacher and senior leader across a range of contexts, Krista understands the realities of leadership in education, and the challenges and rewards that can arise. She cares passionately about supporting others in these roles.

Krista uses her background in education alongside her training in coaching and positive psychology, to ensure that goals are rigorously pursued whilst also balancing personal and organizational wellbeing. She values the power of relationships and bases her coaching on a strong foundation of trust and authenticity, ensuring that others feel safe and can therefore challenge themselves to move towards their goals.

Krista truly understands the power of coaching. Coaching has led to her taking on new professional challenges and moving from the UK to start a new life in south-west France, which she describes, rather smugly, as ‘living the dream’.

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