Jocelyn Goh

Leadership Coach

Jocelyn has over 25 years of international experience working and living in various countries in Asia Pacific and Europe.

Having risen herself from a young leader to C-suite manager in IKEA and APPLE and co-founded three personal business ventures, she has led teams and organizations on a country, regional and global level.

Her diverse cultural experiences coupled with her wide business and organizational experiences, have given her an edge as a leadership and team coach for corporate leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Today she serves clients globally and uses her creativity and adventurous nature to bring them through experiential journeys to define their purpose, business strategy or improve their business performance, as well as to become more effective leaders or when moving on to their next steps.

They find her coaching ‘thought-provoking, liberating and insightful’ and are inspired by her intuitive nature and positive energy.

She speaks English, Swedish, Mandarin and a few Chinese dialects

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