Jacqueline Hill

Leadership Coach

Jacqueline believes that with the right support, everyone can reach their potential. Through her coaching she has facilitated impactful personal development experiences for leaders across the education, health and not-for-profit sectors. Her work in education includes the hugely rewarding experience of coaching leaders of schools in challenging environments.

Jacqueline’s coaching and mentoring are informed by over 30 years’ experience in strategic planning, change management, leadership, and leadership development. Cross-cultural working and living with those who hold very different world views to her own enables her to honour the many different life experiences of her clients.

In addition to coaching and mentoring internationally, Jacqueline shares her skills through environmental and social justice activism within her community, supporting local initiatives to be more sustainable and accessible and creating connections across community groups and local government.

Jacqueline recharges her joy, fun and spontaneity in walking in nature and being an active aunt.

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