Donna Hollis

Leadership Coach

Donna is a high impact Corporate Leadership Coach who passionately serves others by coaching them through life’s uncharted terrains and challenges them to take the leap that advances their careers and lives. Additionally, she is an Operations Manager, facilitator, and strong strategic partner.
As a transformational corporate leadership coach, Donna has the privilege of guiding clients to achieve their highest potential and beyond. She coaches emerging leaders to find the inner space where passion, experience, and talent merge with their jobs to propel them to the next levels of their careers. She nurtures and develops senior executives, school leaders and corporate teams to develop their interpersonal skills and work cohesively to help them navigate the ups, downs and ongoing changes more effectively.

Donna works closely with people who are committed to their growth and willing to explore their core values and limiting beliefs while acquiring new habits and formulating an action plan that supports their goals. With an innate ability to help individuals identify their passion and purpose, Donna has a track record of success in enabling emerging leaders to achieve exponential career growth.

She is a loving mom to an autistic son who is her source of pride and inspiration to support educators in improving the educational system for all students across the globe.

When not coaching, Donna enjoys traveling to fun destinations, attending concerts, and game nights with family.

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