Darius Frasure

Leadership Coach

Professor Darius Frasure is a highly sought-after speaker, workshop facilitator, poet, and coach. He specializes in helping high-functioning individuals and teams create, nurture, and develop sustainable presence and engagement practices. Darius Frasure cultivates awareness through evidence-based practices, intuition, and creativity. His process fosters renewed vision, which uncovers opportunities in places of limitation and practical methods for maintaining the state of the “best self!” His two decades of teaching, mentoring, consulting, and leadership experience is in elementary, secondary, and higher education, as well as with varied non-profit and creative arts organizations. His poetry appears in many literary journals, and select readings are on youtube. He has one spoken word album, Spoken Pieces (2010), and two collections of poetry: stained glass medusa (2015) and of stone and rope (2019).

On a personal note, Darius’ top VIA strength is Kindness. He lives in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area of Texas in the United States, with his wife and four daughters. In addition to spending quality time with his family, his hobbies include writing and reciting poetry, reading books, watching movies, studying chess, and listening to music.

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