Ben Gibbs

Leadership Coach

Ben is a professional executive coach and consultant with a deep interest in the psychodynamics of school leadership. He creates coaching spaces in which leaders and leadership teams can consider the nature of the system they’re in, and how the way they and their teams interact with that system is what drives behaviour and outcomes.

Working with Ben, you will break the surface of organisational life, exploring the undercurrents that make work both fulfilling and frustrating, exciting and exhausting, desirable and distressing. By being supported to make sense of your system in this way, you will more easily come to understand the root causes of the challenges you face, and to bring your colleagues alongside you in achieving your school’s mission.

Following an early career in marketing, Ben has taught and been a school governor, worked in educational research, UK school policy, independent school marketing and international assessment. He has consulted on curriculum, leadership, school development and organisational strategy. He is a busy husband and dad, and loves watching his two teenaged children grow and develop. When he can, Ben enjoys long-distance walking and cycling, brewing beer and spending time with friends and family.

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