Ash Ross

Leadership Coach

I am a coach who believes in the power of people!

I love that moment when working with clients when they start to understand who they are and what is important to them and then start to make decisions in line with this.

I work with individuals, teams and couples from various backgrounds, ages and geographical areas.

A range of seniority, from Individual contributors to Vice Presidents who are trying to figure out; what they do next in their careers, how they navigate a complex task or relationship, how they take a whole new direction, or how to become more comfortable with who they are and what they want in life.

I’ve worked on specific development areas from time management to self-awareness, on specific work-based challenges as varied as new org structures to managing gang colours in the workplace.

I use a variety of tools and techniques that are grounded in evidence-based psychology, I look at the individual, how their environment is influencing them, and their history, as well as looking at what might be getting in the way of them achieving their goals. thoughts. feelings, emotions etc., All of which are explored in a safe space that allows for anything to be present.

I am committed to continued development with regular ongoing training and supervision. I am an accredited member of the International Coaches Federation and closely follow their behavioural and ethical practices.

Away from coaching, I’m a dad of 2, a lover of the gym and the great outdoors, a long shooter, free diver and grappling enthusiast

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