Anne Gelebart

Leadership Coach

As a creative, multilingual leader with 15 years global experience in Fortune 250 and FTSE 100 Operations, Anne connects individuals and teams to their core, to elevate their well-being and unleash their full potential.

Anne has led multicultural Supply Chain teams and worked cross-functionally with commercial and support functions on business processes, improving KPIs and ways of working, and developing individuals and teams to achieve high performance. Her experience includes FMCGs, retail and manufacturing industries.

Anne has a holistic approach, creating balance from inside out. She is drawing on the tools and knowledge she gained from her educational, professional, and personal background to create unique experiences combining planning, mindfulness, improvisation and Pilates.

Her work results in significant improvements in well-being and healthier relationships as the prerequisite for greater performance and results. Anne’s clients include leaders and teams at all levels in well-known Fortune 100 Companies and individuals.

Anne leads the coaches’ team for a Dutch foundation that serves unemployed multinationals to regain confidence and guide them through their job search process. She has two boys and volunteers in the parents’ association. She loves cooking, discovering other people’s culture and spending time with her family.

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