...an insightful and instructional guide to developing as a leader.

We all know that great leaders make great schools, but what does great leadership look like to you?

If we asked you to share your vision of the kind of leader you aspire to be, we imagine you would use words like compassionate, courageous and clear. Perhaps you sometimes lead in this way and you love it when you do, but then circumstances change, you get hit by a curve ball or life simply gets in the way and you feel as though you’re battling to stay in control of your emotions and to stay on top of all the tasks you need to complete as a school leader.

When you are the principal of any school, it can feel very isolating if you don’t have the right support network around you. In our work coaching school leaders, we see leaders all over the world facing the same challenges under different guises: overwhelm, loneliness, pressure to perform, firefighting in the face of crises and generally feeling powerless to change the system or situation.

We’ve also learnt something very important:

There is another way:

A better way where you can remain true to yourself and your values, deliver excellent education and enjoy the process.

Over the course of this book, we will introduce you to the Thinking, Being, Doing concept, which is central to our work at Making Stuff Better. We believe that when you are able to bring all three of these elements together, you can make more effective and grounded decisions, live and work in a way that aligns with your values and bring positive energy to everything that you do.