One to One Coaching

You want balance, perspective and a (renewed) sense of purpose. You need to explore all of this with someone, but not at work and not with a friend. You need a coach.

What is One to One

A way to reach out to achieve the best you can be in the safety and protection of a coaching professional

You know that feeling? The one in the pit of your stomach? You could be a whole lot better in a whole lot of things and deep down you know you’ve got what it takes but somehow you struggling to harness it. You can’t quite bring it all to the surface. You want balance, perspective and a (renewed) sense of purpose. You need to explore all of this with someone, but not at work and not a friend. You need a coach.

Matched to one of our leadership coaches, you work 1:1 via video conference or in person over a 6 to 12 month period.  You will also have access to your coach in between sessions via e-mail and text.

You meet with them twice a month for an hour. Through your full commitment to the coaching programme and acting on the challenges set for you, you will be helped to craft the best version of yourself; forever.


What you will learn from One to One Coaching

Experienced professional and personal development based on experience


see a clear path

Gain Clarity

Coaching allows you to gain insight into your own values and what a fulfilled life might look like; it allows you to heal and transform old patterns that have kept you from flourishing.

You will be guided through techniques which encourage self motivation and silence the detractor voices, along with accountability to help you achieve your goals.


Express the true you

Find Your Voice

Once you know the direction you are heading in and what you stand for; you will emerge as a confident and assertive person who can ask for what they want and say what they think without fear.


Claim the life you've always wanted

Own your Future

Create a plan to make the vision of your work and life real, in order to live with balance, joy and fulfilment.

By accepting responsibility for achieving the goals you set for yourself and gaining the tools and community to help you get there; your world becomes full of possibilities.

Leadership Mastermind

Book a One to One Chemistry Call

Direct with Matt Hall or Gill Kelly

Who is One to One coaching for?

Optimising your perfomance and creating an excellent learning environment

We work with a range of middle and senior leaders across a range of schools internationally.

If any of these ring true 1:1 coaching would work well for you:

  • You are a good leader, but you know deep down you could be a brilliant one

  • You’re a polymath - talented in so many areas - but it feels unaligned with your values

  • There is a sense that something is missing, either professionally or personally

  • Your head is spending more time worrying about the job than actually doing the job

  • You are committed to the process, prepared to take some risks and take a deep dive

Things Clients Say

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