Leadership Mastermind

This is a programme like no other; an inner circle of Leaders, bound together by a common understanding and desire to expand their leadership capacity. The elements that make up the programme are unique in the world of leadership development and have dramatic impact. Through group and individual accountability plus a core curriculum based on positive psychology, participants gain skills, support, insight and mindset mastery.

What is the Leadership Mastermind?

This is about the next level. A way to really level up your leadership with the support and accountability of a group of school leaders from around the world.

Our clients were looking for an alternative to the traditional leadership development models and wanted a safe space in which they could expand their network, continue to be coached and travel deeper into their leadership capacity.

A unique part of it (and a long held dream for us) is a mastermind session where leaders bring their leadership challenge to the group and receive high quality advice and coaching from fellow leaders from around the world.

The are four key elements to the twelve month programme; Monthly group calls delivering positive psychology curriculum, skills sessions with industry experts in areas relating to leadership in education; one monthly session of 1:1 coaching and quarterly mastermind sessions to bring topics and gain advice from your peers.

In total it is a commitment of 3 online hours a month for twelve months.


What you will learn from Leadership Mastermind

Experienced professional and personal development based on experience


The right insight at the right time

High Touch


The mastermind programme gives leaders insights into their own mindset and their capacity to master it. 

The group learning and discussion with experienced successful educational leaders will stretch your thinking and leading.

You'll gain confidence over leadership issues is through the collective experience and the support of 1:1 coaching by experienced executive coaches


leverage the power of the group


A unique opportunity to bring real-life leadership issues to a safe, confidential mastermind session to receive advice and guidance from peers

Learn from listening from others and deconstructing the issue for yourself in a safe community

Each member of the programme has an opportunity to both share an issue and offer a critique over multiple sessions built in to the programme.

Speaker at Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall

Tailor the experience to your needs

Personal Skills Development

Masterminders develop a range of specific leadership skills through topical workshops held eight times a year.

Sessions are optional for members of the Mastermind programme, which allows for a personalised curriculum.

All sessions are led by leading sector experts from a range of fields; both within education and beyond.

Leadership Mastermind

Who is Leadership Mastermind coaching for?

Expand your range, deepen you skills and embed your support network

Leadership Masterminds tend to join our programme after they've completed their one-to-one coaching with us.

If any of these ring true the Leadership Mastermind would work well for you:

  • you have either experienced coaching and gained from it, or are open to experiencing it and making changes in your leadership practice.

  • you want to leverage the power of a group of existing International school leaders to help you learn and grow

  • you want a different way of investing in your leadership development without the commitment of writing large essays.

  • you want to see results in their organisation and in themselves.

Things Clients Say

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