November 22, 2022 at 11:00 am

Why Julie?

Julie is a primary school leader who fully embraces the concept of values-based education. It is one thing for a school to talk about values. It’s another for a school to make them a living, breathing part of every aspect of school life in a way that transforms the entire community.

What will you learn?

Being a values-based school means following a model of seven elements in every aspect of school life, from how guests are greeted, to how conflict is mediated between students:

  • Authentic modelling by adults of positive values
  • Developing an ‘inner curriculum’ of thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Ongoing reflective practice
  • The creation of the Values-based Education environment
  • Building the Values-based Education curriculum
  • Developing quality leadership
  • The development of an ethical vocabulary

What difference will this make for you?

You will leave with an understanding of how you can breathe even more life into the values of your school and community. You will remember that your school values are a trusted compass to live by every day.

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