February 15, 2022 at 7:00 am (UK Time)

Why Sharon?

Sharon is a consultant providing learning experiences to organisations looking to develop inclusive working environments. She is the Vice-Chair of BAMEed Bristol and Southwest. Using research as the basis for development, Sharon provides support that develops an understanding of challenges in education and employment.

What will you learn?

Sharon will guide you to reflect on your journey as an inclusive leader by pointing to four cornerstones. Through conversations with others, you will identify where you are now, consider the impact of power and hierarchy in inclusive leadership, and what you want to commit to in order to sustain the change you have begun.

What difference will this make?

This session will remind you to keep inclusion at the heart of your strategic priorities. We know that leaders who create inclusive cultures see significant improvements in performance, decision making quality and collaboration.

Sharon will challenge you to make resonant commitments and move into skilful action.

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