March 28, 2023 at 9:00 am (UK Time)

This event is part of The Belonging Series 2023, a series of facilitated conversations exploring belonging through three lenses: Belonging to Self, Belonging in Teams and Belonging in Systems.

Why Nathan?

Nathan Blair is the Founder of The Somatic School. The word somatic comes from the Greek word soma, meaning body, so Nathan and his team are experts in supporting people to remember and restore the wisdom of their sensations, emotional world and intuition. As you face increasing complexity, tapping into the resources you may have forgotten serves to increase your bandwidth and ability to take the most skilful action in any moment.

What will you learn?

Nathan will present the case for embodied leadership from a neurobiological perspective. From here, you will work in small groups on practices that will cultivate greater embodied awareness if you choose to embed them into your routine.

What will be different for you?

We hope that you will have an experience of remembering what it is to be embodied, that is, to have access to more of yourself and your capacity. We hope that you sense what this means for your resilience and your relationship with the stressors that are part of your working day. As always in our Symposium events, we hope that you find common ground and energy from your colleagues around the world.

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