April 26, 2022 at 9:30 am (UK Time)

Four times a year, as part of MSB Symposium, we create conversations with extraordinary people from outside the world of education.

We know that our brains are enlivened by novelty, and we make new connections when in the presence of new perspectives and possibilities.

This Spring, we are thrilled to bring you a conversation with Kay Sales and Erik C Schmidt, the lead animators on the award winning, BAFTA and Oscar nominated film ‘Flee.’

This animated documentary illustrates Amin’s story, a childhood friend of the film’s director Jonas Poher Rasmussen. In sharing his story, Amin is able to unburden himself and look towards his future.

Amin recounts his journey as a refugee from Afghanistan as a child, via horrifying ordeals at the hands of ruthless human traffickers. Meanwhile, as a grown man living in Denmark with his partner, he struggles to embrace his identity and future.

Kay and Erik bring the story to life with juxtaposed animation styles that capture both Amin’s ‘normal’ existence in Denmark and the chaos of a journey we all hope we will never have to make.

As leaders in a volatile world, we hope that you might take away some hope, a sense of what’s possible when we share our stories, renewed conviction in the power of the arts and the skill that Kay and Erik possess in empowering individuals to express themselves while pursuing a shared vision.

More than anything, we hope you will be inspired to watch and share the film, which is widely acknowledged as a masterpiece.

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