September 27, 2022 at 9:30 am (UK Time)

Why Nicholas?

Nicholas is an expert in leadership presence and his recent book, ‘Leader as Healer,’ calls for a new paradigm of leadership that restores the balance between doing and being.

Over the last 20 years, Nicholas has gained an international reputation for his leadership programmes, designed for chief executives and top teams from diverse sectors, public and private. Nicholas also teaches at Oxford University and the IMD Business School.

In this conversation, he will make a convincing case for reintegrating our physical, emotional and transpersonal knowing alongside our thinking minds.

What will you learn?

Nicholas will take us on an experiential journey which will challenge the habits of being, thinking and doing that we unconsciously rely on as leaders.

This journey includes awareness of and access to the wisdom of our bodies, embracing emotion, aligning with our deepest purpose and liberating our creativity.

What difference will this make for you?

Nicholas’ work is about the highest levels of presence, and the cultures that ensue from them, in which wellbeing, results and contributions to the world are naturally interwoven.

We hope that this session will give you a felt experience of what might be available to you if you intentionally cultivate a deeper sense of presence.

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