Our Educational Coaching Solutions

How we bring coaching to your school and your leadership

Our leadership training courses

Experienced professional and personal development based on experience

By increasing the number of high-performing leaders, your school or college gains great strength. We help more leaders become truly great.

Just like in professional sports, education leaders can get a boost and be even better with focused time devoted to their craft with executive coaching. Coaching can be the quickest way for leaders and managers to manage complexity and improve their communication, collaboration, and coaching skills for the future.

Having the humility to appreciate there is always more to learn and improve is something that all leaders should aspire to.


Developing specific skills to enhance your leadership repertoire

Boost confidence, improve work performance and build effective communication skills. 


Collaborate & Grow

The MSB Network

Join our community of international leaders who want to make a difference

Access unique professional development opportunities, including our peer coaching programme.

Network with other international school leaders and build relationships that support you.


Achieve Professional & Personal Growth

One to One

Gain clarity on what you want and who you wish to be

Find your voice amongst the noise and lead from a place of authenticity

Own your future by creating a plan that will bring your vision to reality and result in genuine and sustainable change


level up your leadership

Leadership Mastermind

Join a select group of global professionals to access high touch support

Build collaborative relationships with school leaders around the world

Tailor the experience to meet your needs, choosing from a range of bespoke sessions


A Proven Track Record
of success in coaching

We work with English-medium international schools and colleges around the world

Our flexible and effective system of coaching has helped many schools and colleges progress and improve. Many of our satisfied clients say that the coaching has been transformational and has redefined the way the staff and students now communication and interact.

Some of the schools and colleges that Making Stuff Better has made a difference.

  • Dulwich College International
  • Tanglin Trust School
  • Berlin International School
  • Seoul Foreign School
  • St. Joseph's International, Singapore
  • GEMS India
  • Deira International School, Dubai
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