Why use Making Stuff Better?

The importance of coaching in education and how it can be used to benefit your school and its students.

Why coaching leaders is so effective for schools & colleges

Ensuring there's a clear vision and good communication are some of the ways that MSB can help colleges thrive

Leaders are at the core of any organisation. However, recent leadership development statistics show that 71% of companies do not feel their current leaders are able to carry their organisation into the future.

Coaching empowers leaders to do exceptional work. They establish an advantageous relationship that uncovers hidden strengths and weaknesses within the leader. Coaching allows goal setting which enable leaders to pinpoint their weaknesses and track their progress. Reflective sessions with a coach empower a leader to fully recognise their improvements and appreciate the work they have done to meet those goals.

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How coaching makes a difference in your school

Our targeting coaching to a leader’s problem area makes a huge difference in attitude and abilities.


Improved communication

Lasting Impact

We coach ambitious values-driven leaders who want to have a lasting impact in a world that requires agility, collaboration and perspective. We work with principled leaders who understand that only through their own transformation can they change those that they lead.


More focus and direction

Engaging Coaching

People change people. Introducing our experiential and highly-engaging coaching training to your tribe will be one of the most powerful things you’ll do. A coaching mindset and skill set transforms organisations, teams and individuals.


working together effectively

Better Relationships

High-impact, highly experiential and designed specifically for you. Our tailor-made leadership development programmes combine the best of leadership theory with first-class coaching practice and the authentic lived-experience of our associates.


Continual learning and development turns good leaders into great leaders

Developing, refining, and improving skills isn’t something just for those starting out on their career path

'Before coaching I felt that things were not working as well as they might, but could not say why. During the coaching I feel confident and empowered.'

Our coaching teaches education leaders how to communicate with individuals of different personality types, cultures, or ages using their past experiences as examples. Leaders gain new perspective on everyday responsibilities from their coach. We may well push leaders to step back and reflect when a they might be having a bad day or week, often uncovering a deeper problem. Together a coach and a leader discover new insights into the leader’s reaction by analysing the problem and creating a plan for similar situations in the future.

What our clients say

dulwich yangon

"After the coaching I feel that the problems that I face, are still there, but have reached a manageable size."

Phil Clear, Head of Senior School

Dulwich College Yangon
One to one Coaching

”Letting go of fears, working through perceived obstacles and deconstructing ideas (finding that I had created things in my head as true, when in fact, I imagined things to be true that were not)”.

Biljana Torbakova, Secondary Vice Principal

Berlin International School

"Overall, I’ve become more confident with issues and they are no longer a burden for me. Quite simply, the dark I was facing in that tunnel became light."

Julia Mortimer, Headteacher

St. Bartholomew’s

"MSB and the MSB Network is a lot more than coaching, leadership and effectiveness, although it does those things extremely well, it also provides a community and connection for peer learning, sharing and growth. I love their philosophy and approach to education, well-being and humanity to create happier people, workplaces and the world!."

d'Arcy Lunn, Group Head of Sustainability

Dulwich College International

"Leadership Mastermind is exactly that; the course drives you to think about leadership by exploring and unlocking authenticity in a creative and safe space."

Indira Purusothaman, Associate Headteacher

Crest Academy
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