Making Stuff Better Case Study

One to One Coaching at St. Bartholomew’s Secondary School

The Brief

St. Bartholomew’s is a large secondary school in West Berkshire, UK. As the headteacher for several years, Julia Mortimer states that she “was looking for something different. MSB were recommended to me and I’ve never looked back from having had that experience.”

What we did

Julia embarked on our 12 month programme of 1:1 leadership coaching. This involved 2 one hour zoom calls each month with one of our lead coaches Gill Kelly (also a very experienced school principal), as well as ongoing support via email. The process is designed to allow school leaders to transform an area of their personal or professional lives (or both) so that they can lead their schools feeling more grounded, balanced and in control.

The result

Julia had an extremely positive experience and achieved the outcomes she desired. As she states:

“Overall, I’ve become more confident with issues and they are no longer a burden for me. Quite simply, the dark I was facing in that tunnel became light. It was a very rewarding experience and Gill has always been there for me; I know that I can always go back to her. I would thoroughly recommend coaching through Gill to anyone.”


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