Making Stuff Better Case Study

One to One Coaching at Dulwich College Yangon

The Brief

Phil Clear is Head of Senior School at Dulwich College Yangon in Myanmar. He is a key senior leader of rapidly growing school with big ambitions in a developing country. As with all senior leadership roles, this does not come without its challenges and stress points. As Phil states “before coaching I felt that things were not working as well as they might, but could not say why.”

What we did

Phil embarked on our 6 month programme of 1:1 leadership coaching. This involved 2 one hour zoom calls each month with a highly experienced professional coach via Zoom, as well as ongoing support via email and membership of our online community. The process is designed to allow school leaders to transform an area of their personal or professional lives (or both) so that they can lead their schools feeling more grounded, balanced and in control.

The result

The results of the coaching Phil received really speak for themselves.

“After the coaching I feel that the problems that I face, are still there, but have reached a manageable size. I am really grateful to Matt for allowing an open and non-judgmental forum to offload and restructure my thoughts and concerns.”


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