Who We Are

We are a committed team of ICF accredited coaches with experience across education phases, leadership and governance as well as cross-sector expertise.

Our Story

This was the stark realisation that we both experienced in 2017. We were both being coached. For the first time in years we were having very different conversations. Conversations about ourselves. About what we wanted from life. About what mattered. About what felt aligned (and what didn’t).

After hugely enjoyable careers in school leadership, we came to realise that it was time for something different.

Coaching gave us permission to dream. The courage to act. It was powerful stuff.

“Imagine if we brought this into schools,” we thought.

It would make stuff better. And so MSB was born. Born in coaching conversations.

We’ve been creating conversations that matter with hundreds of school leaders around the world ever since. And we don’t just talk the talk. Coaching has led to some remarkable changes in our personal lives.

Gill has relocated to her beloved West Yorkshire and Matt moved with his young family to the Scottish Highlands (during a pandemic). Today we continue to grow the business from these regenerative spaces.

We couldn’t have done this without coaching.

We are committed to creating courageous and compassionate conversations around the world. And we love what we do.

How We Work

  • We don’t see your role.

    We see a human being

  • We don’t reach for certainty.

    We explore the unknown.

  • We don’t work alone.

    We believe in the power of partnership.

  • We don’t make assumptions about what you want.

    We listen. ​

  • We don’t do one-off work.

    We stay and build relationships.​

  • We don’t do off the shelf.

    We create alongside you. ​

  • We don’t push.

    We catalyse.

  • We don’t take things too seriously.

    We remember to have fun.

  • We don’t hurry.

    We are present. ​

  • We don’t accept the status quo.

    We make stuff better.

Our Impact

Currently, we work with over 130 international schools leaders in over 75 schools. Because of us, 65 regenerative conversations happen every week across the world and as a result, we are reaching approximately 100,000 students.

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Our Values

  • Integrity

    We believe in being bold and asking the questions that no-one else is asking.

  • Courage

    We believe in being bold and asking the questions that no-one else is asking.

  • Compassion

    We care. Simple.

  • Connection

    We believe that growth and learning happen in partnership with others. We create conversations that matter.