Making Stuff Better...
it's all about team work

The values we hold true to and the team we have built is what helps us to really make stuff better...

Creating great school leaders is our passion

A school is only as good as the people who lead it - our mission is to make them the best they can be

Leading a school can be a paradox of highs and lows. It's hardly surprising that it takes its toll from time to time. Our team of experts know the challenges you face and have years of experience to help get you to the leader you want to be.

Making Stuff Better is a diverse team of educators, coaches and divergent thinkers with over 100 years of combined experience in education and personal development. Founded by Gill Kelly and Matt Hall, MSB now comprises a world-class team of specialists working together to improve people, teams and organisations across the international education sector.

We’re firm believers in the power of education to transform lives, but also insist it is too important to be taken too seriously.

Our Values

We believe that values matter and keeping them at the core of what we do allows us to make stuff better


clear & Transparent


We will always be honest and open in our approach. There is no spin, no silver-bullets and no grand overpromises. We bring kindness to what we do and work with warmth and compassion, but we are also direct and up front, challenging where we need to.


Relationships Matter


Integrity is fundamental to what we do. Our business is built on relationships and trust.  Whether you're a member of the MSB Network, a client undergoing 1:1 coaching or a Leadership Mastermind member, we know that you are placing your trust in us and we do not take this lightly.


Doing things differently


We value difference and will always seek new and refreshing approaches to what we do. We'll never settle for the ordinary or mundane and we are committed to bringing about new ideas, new thinking and new ways of being in international education. That's what keeps it fun. 


Our Team Members

We know what it means to work in schools and the challenges it presents. This makes us very real.

Gill Kelly


Matt Hall


Alex Oliver

Leadership Coach

Amy Portier

Leadership Coach

Andrew Macdonald-Brown

Leadership Coach

Andrew Richards

Leadership Coach

Chang Zhang

Leadership Coach

Clare Louise

Leadership Coach

Jackie Beere

Leadership Coach

Rob Rave

Leadership Coach

Julie Rees

Leadership Coach

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