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Applied and hands-on leadership coaching

Making Stuff Better is a leadership coaching company for international school leaders.

Working around the globe, we coach ambitious values-driven leaders who want to have a lasting impact in a world that requires agility, collaboration and perspective. We work with principled leaders who understand that only through their own transformation can they change those that they lead.

MSB very much views coaching as a co-active process. Two people coming together in the active pursuit of improvement for one of them.  Coaching really can help people develop their personal capabilities, interpersonal skills and capacity to understand and empathise with others.


Developing specific skills to enhance your leadership repertoire

Boost confidence, improve work performance and build effective communication skills. 


Collaborate & Grow

The MSB Network

Join our community of international leaders who want to make a difference

Access unique professional development opportunities, including our peer coaching programme.

Network with other international school leaders and build relationships that support you.


Achieve Professional & Personal Growth

One to One

Gain clarity on what you want and who you wish to be

Find your voice amongst the noise and lead from a place of authenticity

Own your future by creating a plan that will bring your vision to reality and result in genuine and sustainable change


level up your leadership

Leadership Mastermind

Join a select group of global professionals to access high touch support

Build collaborative relationships with school leaders around the world

Tailor the experience to meet your needs, choosing from a range of bespoke sessions


Helping International school leaders to thrive

We help international school leaders thrive through leadership coaching, our international MSB network and our Leadership Mastermind programme.

We are warm, professional, caring and authentic. The work we do with education establishments we work with genuinely makes a difference to leaders and is more powerful than other forms of CPD they have done before. People regularly tell us that doing our coaching or joining our training is the best thing they’ve ever done in their careers.


Empowerment can have many different meanings to different people depending on their experiences, circumstances, hopes, and dreams. However, it is generally, the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's personal and professional life.

MSB coaching can really help empower leaders in education through our support and tailored guidance. The result is that our Coaching empowers education leaders to do exceptional work within their schools and colleges.


It is a fact that having greater insights into situations lead to making better decisions. Having an understanding of a situation can create a wealth of qualitative insights that coupled with strong analysis can help education establishments make better business decisions. From clear signals to very subtle hints, coaching may help spot and identify how businesses can maximise the effectiveness of their leaders.


Coaching can help keep leaders keep alignment with the wider organisational goals and targets.

This can be really important especially for department heads where their day-to-day responsibilities may be very focused and sometime quite detail orientated.

Taking a step back and looking at the broader goals and targets can ensure personal development targets as well as the wider team or organisational targets remain on the same page.


Coaching employees and staff who may be experiencing mental health problems at work can have incredible and very positive results.

Experience has taught us that it is often the case that our clients have not asked for help about stress as it would look weak and affect their career.

Employee wellbeing is just as much about the mental health as it is the physical health of your employees and coaching is one of the most effective ways of supporting your employees with their mental health, especially during and after periods of high stress and extreme change.


What our clients say

dulwich yangon

"After the coaching I feel that the problems that I face, are still there, but have reached a manageable size."

Phil Clear, Head of Senior School

Dulwich College Yangon
One to one Coaching

”Letting go of fears, working through perceived obstacles and deconstructing ideas (finding that I had created things in my head as true, when in fact, I imagined things to be true that were not)”.

Biljana Torbakova, Secondary Vice Principal

Berlin International School

"Overall, I’ve become more confident with issues and they are no longer a burden for me. Quite simply, the dark I was facing in that tunnel became light."

Julia Mortimer, Headteacher

St. Bartholomew’s

"MSB and the MSB Network is a lot more than coaching, leadership and effectiveness, although it does those things extremely well, it also provides a community and connection for peer learning, sharing and growth. I love their philosophy and approach to education, well-being and humanity to create happier people, workplaces and the world!."

d'Arcy Lunn, Group Head of Sustainability

Dulwich College International

"Leadership Mastermind is exactly that; the course drives you to think about leadership by exploring and unlocking authenticity in a creative and safe space."

Indira Purusothaman, Associate Headteacher

Crest Academy
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